Скачать бм 2n breadmaker руководства pdf: скачать руководство по ремонту поло седан

BEFORE USING THIS BREAD MAKER. 2. Do not touch hot surfaces; carry the unit by handles. Always use oven mitts when handling hot material, and allow. Deluxe 2-Pound Bread and Dough Maker. We've done everything we can to make bread baking a breeze. We've streamlined the instructions; designed. Your Stainless Steel Convection Bread Maker has a 60-minute power failure back-up feature Important: Your bread maker will bake up at 2-lb. loaf. Do not put.

2. Contents. Page. Breville recommends safety first. 4. Know your Breville Baker's Oven. 6 . and is activated by switching the bread machine Q Place the Breadmaker at least 2 inches. (50 mm)away from any the Baking Pan or any other object on top of the unit. Save These Instructions. 2. Important.

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